• Establishing factories for petroleum gases, promoting systems, performance & equipment.
  • Establishing factories for producing different kinds of salt and procuring Salina El Arish.
  • Establishing factory for natural agricultural fertilizers ( compost).
  • Establishing company for agricultural development and land reclamation.
  • Establishing company for different means of transportation specially gas transportation & petroleum derives.
  • Company for Trading & Agency.
  • Company for Real estate .
  • Founding totally a new system for transferring natural gas
  • Founding a new sugar factory with the latest industrial equipments
  • Establishing a new hub for trading and cement industry in Port Said

Current Investments

D.P.Gas – Mahalla Factory

Damietta Petroleum Gases Company

Gas Feel

Gastone for Transfer & Delivery Gas

Go Green

S.P Gas Factory, Basandila

Al Manal Agriculture Development

Sugar Port Said

Oxy Egypt

Saad Eldin Real estate